Welcome to Paramount Health & Wellness, your home for Pedorthics, Orthotics and Healthy Weight Loss Coaching.

Custom made orthotics or modifications to shoes, both inside and out, can help alleviate foot, knee, leg and back pain. As a Canadian Certified Pedorthist, I am fully certified to assess your leg and foot biomechanics during open and closed kinetic chain testing, and to perform a personal gait analysis. All custom made products are made onsite in my own lab, meaning I have complete control over every detail of your orthotics and modifications right from the start.

In addition to pedorthics, I can also help you by putting nutrition coaching and personal training recommendations together in a program that is personalized just for you. Eating well to better your overall health and fuel your body is the basis of achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and will lead to your success!

Contact me to book your initial consultation or for further information.

~Janelle Coultes